TrUST | Podcast Series with Giulia Sonetti

Copertina di TrUST | Podcast Series with Giulia Sonetti
  • 2020-2022

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TrUST is a research project aiming at better understanding of how to achieve more efficient and effective inter/trans-disciplinary research and education for urban sustainability transitions.
TrUST is also a platform of sustainability believers, practitioners and academics sharing similar values and approaches for transformative learning and collaboration.
The TrUST podcast started in 2020, in the full pandemic.
The original idea evolved over time, and we realised that the juice of the TrUST podcast was and it is exactly this: to offer a safe space to dialogue around disconnection and re-connection of our present time.
Inspired by the "Ego to Eco framework" of the Theory-U, by the Presenting Institute, we decided to involve always at least one practitioner, one academic and one student in the conversation to be true to hear all voices of the social field.
We are really excited about how this podcast evolved and the motivation of the speakers to share their experiences. We hope it will inspire you as much as us or getting to know better the small/big actions of sustainability that are forming the TrUST tribe.

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